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At the Community Food Sharing Association it has been our mission to meet two important goals: Our immediate goal is to feed hungry people. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that, by easing the struggles of the poorest in the province, no one goes hungry.


Restructured in 1992, the Community Food Sharing Association, is now the pivotal agency for food distribution to the hungry in Newfoundland and in Labrador.


A registered charity, the Community Food Sharing Association is governed by a board of twelve dedicated and committed volunteers from all walks of life.


From our St. John's office and warehouse, our six staff, with the help of hundreds of caring volunteers and community-minded businesses, manage the collection and distribution of food through 54 food banks to more than 10,700 children, women, and men throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

There are many ways you or your company can help. 


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Setting Objectives is one way to measure how effective and efficient we are at feeding hungry people, easing people's fears about hunger, and finding ways to help people break out of poverty. To make our milestones in the march towards those goals we have set the following objectives:


Primary Objectives

  • To endeavor to alleviate hunger by the efficient distribution of food to food banks.

  • To encourage mutual support among members of the Association in efforts to achieve these objectives.

  • To act as a collection and distribution agency by the collection and distribution of bulk donations of food to food banks.

  • To purchase bulk food for equitable distribution to food banks.

  • To raise funds for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association.

  • To maintain liaison with like-minded organizations across Canada.

  • To assist, upon request, in the development of new food banks.


Secondary Objectives
(where additional time and resources available)

  • To assist in the development of public awareness of the causes of poverty in our society.

  • To encourage recipients of food aid to become involved in the struggle to improve their situation.

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